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Create home screen shortcuts

To speed up your Time tracking, Jiffy allows you to create shortcuts to your projects directly on your device home screen. From this shortcut you can start/stop or switch to the project the same way you normally do inside Jiffy.   To create a shortcut, open the project or tasks [...]

The Helix Time Picker

The Helix Time Picker Jiffy uses a unique and beautiful time picker aimed at making small adjustments easier. When a user is setting a start or stop time of an entry, the time chosen is relative either to now, or other entries during the day.  Time is linear, therefore we [...]

Automation integration

Jiffy uses the interface invented by two forty four a.m. for their automation tool "Locale" that later became the standard for automation plugins on Android as is now used by most automation tools like "Tasker", "Llama" and "Automagic" Jiffy supports both Actions and States With Actions, you can start, switch [...]

Add and Edit Notes

You can have a text note attached to every time-slot you create. To access the time-slots note area, you can simply click on the current running time ( the clock that is counting up) to edit the current running time, or you can tap on a time-slot in the history [...]

Backup and Restore

This gives you the possibilities to backup data either on your local device, or on one of the supported cloud services. Your data will both be kept safe, and you can also use this functionality to move data between your devices. We currently support Google Drive and Dropbox. Each of your devices [...]

Edit and Delete entry

Entries can be edited and deleted in the History view. To edit an entry, tap the entry you want to edit. (If the entry is so short that it cannot be tapped, you can reach it in the agenda view.) When an entry is tapped, the edit time view opens.    [...]

The Basics

Jiffy consist of 3 main screens. These screens will help you track and manage your tracked time and also give you a summary at the end of the week or month. To keep it simple, the screens takes care of different tasks. The dashboard is the main screen, and you [...]