Create home screen shortcuts

To speed up your Time tracking, Jiffy allows you to create shortcuts to your projects directly on your device home screen. From this shortcut you can start/stop or switch to the project the same way you normally do inside Jiffy.   To create a shortcut, open the project or tasks [...]

Set up Work time / Non work time tracking

We added support to select to what you track a certain customer, project, task. That means that you can now log those non-billable hours, pitching for projects, doing hobbies, exercise or what ever it may be. In the first iteration, we are introduced two different tracking schemas: Work time, and Non Work [...]

Reminders to help you stay on track

We all know it, the most difficult thing about time tracking is remembering to do it. To make it easier we’ve just added reminders. Reminders are enabled by default, and you can configure them under Worktime in Settings. See How to edit reminders for more details.

How to edit Reminders

Reminders are a new addition to Jiffy 2.3. Designed to help you stay on track with time tracking. They are set by default to trigger 30 minutes after your start time. The start time defaults to 9:00, so reminders will show on workdays when you have not tracked time before [...]

How to archive a project / task

In version 2.0 of Jiffy we moved archiving to be more easily accessible than it was before. On the Dashboard: Simply swipe the project / task from right to left all the way to the left edge.

Jiffy 2.0 - Material design & Sync

We are thrilled to announce that Jiffy 2.0 is now rolled out.  The past.. year, yes, we realize that it has really been that long, we have been working on two major things. While the visible change is that we went all in for material design,  we have made it [...]

Milestone: Jiffy has 50 000 downloads on Google Play!

We are very happy to announce that we have just hit the 50 000 downloads milestone on Google Play. Thanks to all of you for your support! To celebrate we will soon be releasing a new exciting 1.5 version of Jiffy, bringing goodies to further improve the streamlined workflows of [...]

Jiffy 1.3 gets a widget for the Home- and Lock screen.

Finally with version 1.3 Jiffy started supporting widgets. The first widget - the project list widget-  allows you to see your daily summary and active projects. It comes in three different styles. The style can be selected when the widget is being placed on the Home screen. The Lock screen widget [...]

Jiffy gets Tasks & Improved summary

To make more low level time tracking possible we have added Tasks to Jiffy.  They can be added to a project under Edit project. Tasks are completely optional, so if you don't need them, don't use them, and Jiffy will work just as you are used to. We have also [...]

A little recap

It has now been a full month since we launched version 1.0 of Jiffy. The time since then has been really exciting and fun. We have been reviewed by a number of blogs (listed below). These reviews mean the world to us, and we would like to thank them all! [...]