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Create home screen shortcuts

To speed up your Time tracking, Jiffy allows you to create shortcuts to your projects directly on your device home screen. From this shortcut you can start/stop or switch to the project the same way you normally do inside Jiffy.   To create a shortcut, open the project or tasks [...]

Set up Work time / Non work time tracking

We added support to select to what you track a certain customer, project, task. That means that you can now log those non-billable hours, pitching for projects, doing hobbies, exercise or what ever it may be. In the first iteration, we are introduced two different tracking schemas: Work time, and Non Work [...]

How to edit Reminders

Reminders are a new addition to Jiffy 2.3. Designed to help you stay on track with time tracking. They are set by default to trigger 30 minutes after your start time. The start time defaults to 9:00, so reminders will show on workdays when you have not tracked time before [...]

How to archive a project / task

In version 2.0 of Jiffy we moved archiving to be more easily accessible than it was before. On the Dashboard: Simply swipe the project / task from right to left all the way to the left edge.

Overview of the jiffy 2.0 dashboard

The Jiffy 2.0 update changed the appearance and behaviour of the dashboard quite a lot. Here is an overview of the functionality embedded in it.  

How to add tasks in Jiffy 2.0

In version 2.0 of Jiffy we moved add tasks to be more easily accessible then they were before. It is now located under the project menu. Simply swipe the card from left to right Press the + icon that appears behind the card.

The Helix Time Picker

The Helix Time Picker Jiffy uses a unique and beautiful time picker aimed at making small adjustments easier. When a user is setting a start or stop time of an entry, the time chosen is relative either to now, or other entries during the day.  Time is linear, therefore we [...]

Automation integration

Jiffy uses the interface invented by two forty four a.m. for their automation tool "Locale" that later became the standard for automation plugins on Android as is now used by most automation tools like "Tasker", "Llama" and "Automagic" Jiffy supports both Actions and States With Actions, you can start, switch [...]

What is NFC?

An NFC Tag is a physical item that talks to your phone. The tag contains a tiny microchip. When the tag is touched to a phone,  it asks the phone to do something, for example start an app or load a webpage. What's a JiffyTag? JiffyTags are the NFC tags designed [...]

Select range for Summary

In the Summary, you can view your logged time per Day,  Week or Month. To change the range you just click on the date up in the top right corner. (Left image below) This triggers the Select range dialog, in the image to the right below.  Here you can select [...]