Jiffy uses the interface invented by two forty four a.m. for their automation tool “Locale” that later became the standard for automation plugins on Android as is now used by most automation tools like “Tasker”, “Llama” and “Automagic”

Jiffy supports both Actions and States

With Actions, you can start, switch or stop projects depending on the triggers you set up in the tool. This can be for example start a task at a specific location, or at a specific time, or a combination of those (plus several hundreds other combination of triggers that most of these tools supports)

You start with setting up a trigger (we have to direct you to your tools manual page here, since all tools look different). When a trigger is created you can select an action that should run when the trigger is activated. There you should look for “Plugin” as action, and when you select that you should get up Jiffy as one of the plugins.

When selecting Jiffy, a new screen will be shown from where you can select which project should be activated.


With States you can use Jiffy as a trigger, for example set the phone to silent whenever a project is running. Here you select Jiffy as a State plugin when you create the trigger. So as for Actions, look for a State called plugin, and select Jiffy from the list of plugins.

The only state we support at the moment is “Any project is running” vs “No project is running” so you don’t get a setting screen on this one.