To speed up your Time tracking, Jiffy allows you to create shortcuts to your projects directly on your device home screen. From this shortcut you can start/stop or switch to the project the same way you normally do inside Jiffy.


To create a shortcut, open the project or tasks info page by swiping the project on the dashboard from left to right and press the small (i) icon.

Then click on the 3 dot menu icon in the corner and select “Add to home screen” and it will be added to the first free place on your device home screen page.

open_info   addToHome  shortcut


It will have the name and color of the task or project that you selected. Unfortunately, when a shortcut is created it is not possible to change the name or color from Jiffy, so if you change your project information you have to re-create the shortcut in order to reflect the new info.