The Helix Time Picker

Jiffy uses a unique and beautiful time picker aimed at making small adjustments easier. When a user is setting a start or stop time of an entry, the time chosen is relative either to now, or other entries during the day.

 Time is linear, therefore we designed a helix where times are simply moved along the timeline by swiping. It gives the best of two worlds, both a linear timeline, and also a circular dial which you can easily interact with.


Spin the helix

By spinning the helix, the time line is moved along. You can spin it either by swiping in circles, from side to side or top to bottom.  

Touch the times on helix

By touching the time on the dial, The helix automatically spin the dial select that time. This allows you to jump forward quickly to a time that you want to set.

Touch the start or end of an entry

Adjacent entries are visualized as a solid line in the color corresponding to the project it represents. The start and end point of this line has touch targets so you can for example quickly set your entry to start when the previous one stopped