An NFC Tag is a physical item that talks to your phone. The tag contains a tiny microchip. When the tag is touched to a phone,  it asks the phone to do something, for example start an app or load a webpage.

What’s a JiffyTag?

JiffyTags are the NFC tags designed to work with your Jiffy app. They contain a standard NFC chip (NTAG203) and are pre-programmed to be used with your Jiffy app. Once you link your JiffyTag to your project, simply touch your JiffyTag to your phone, and it automatically starts or stops the project.  JiffyTags, make time tracking with your Jiffy app even easier.

How does it work with Jiffy?

Connect your JiffyTag to a project or task. With your JiffyTag,  you can connect a tag to a project or task. Just touch your JiffyTag to the phone, and it automatically starts or stops the project.


Can I use other NFC tags with Jiffy?

Sure, you can use any NFC tag with Jiffy, but all tags are not compatible with all phones. Only JiffyTags are designed specifically to be used with the Jiffy app. You don’t need to worry about finding the right tag for your phone. Order JiffyTags directly from us!

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