We are thrilled to announce that Jiffy 2.0 is now rolled out.  The past.. year, yes, we realize that it has really been that long, we have been working on two major things. While the visible change is that we went all in for material design,  we have made it more than just a visual redesign, by also taking your feedback over the past few months into account and working that into the design!

Material design
Our efforts so far were focused on the Dashboard and Navigation and Settings. We also put a lot of effort into making Jiffy fit in with all the aspects of Lollipop and Material design,  and at the same time get a solid consistency and in all the contexts that you will encounter Jiffy. The image below shows how Jiffy appears in different states (running / stopped) and contexts.

We must add though, that moving to material design is really a work in progress, and we are not nearly there yet. This is only the beginning.

Synchronization (Experimental feature)

A part from that, we have also worked on a feature that we call Synchronization. It is a neat one, that keeps your Jiffy data synced between your devices. When the devices are online, you even get an instant sync. Devices that are disconnected will be updated once they are connected again. The data is stored in the cloud, which when it is out of the experimental phase should provide a bit of added security, in case you loose a device. Until then, proceed with care, take frequent backups while you try it out.