Jiffy consist of 3 main screens. These screens will help you track and manage your tracked time and also give you a summary at the end of the week or month. To keep it simple, the screens takes care of different tasks.

The dashboard is the main screen, and you can navigate to the other screens via the buttons on the top left corner. To get back again, either press back or the “up” button in the top left corner.


This is the screen where you will likely spend most of the time. It allows you to Start and Stop and switch time tracking for your projects.  This is also where you create new projects and customers, as well as edit old ones.

The Dashboard also gives you a summary of your work week through intuitive bars, indicating how much you have worked.


History View

Here you can review your previous tracked times, edit them, create new ones and insert forgotten breaks. From here you can also get to the agenda view for a specific day.


Summary View

Will give you the number of worked hours per day,week or month, summarized per customer or project. It can also compare this to your expected work-hours (if you enabled that feature).