This gives you the possibilities to backup data either on your local device, or on one of the supported cloud services. Your data will both be kept safe, and you can also use this functionality to move data between your devices. We currently support Google Drive and Dropbox.

Each of your devices will have its own device name (if you don’t change them to use the same name), and you can see all backups on all of your devices.


Backup & Restore is located on the main menu on the dashboard.



Name of your device (tap to edit)

Written along with the date and time when a backup is taken to help you identify your desired backup more easily.

Destination for backup ( On device / Dropbox / Google Drive)

Currently we support either “On Device” which will put a backup file on your local storage (/sdcard/backup/jiffy) and “Dropbox” (/apps/jiffybackup on your Dropbox storage)

Automatic backup

You can setup Jiffy to do daily automatic backups. Just click on this area and setup the time of day you want to take the backup. Best time is during the night when the device isn’t being used.

List of Backups 

Presents your available backups in your chosen Location.  When you backup to the cloud, your backup will be presented in the list of Backups. If you use Jiffy on more than one device, the list of backups will present backups taken by you on other devices.  The 3 last backups for each device are stored on your chosen location. When a 4th backup is created, the oldest one for that device is deleted.


Restoring a backup

In the backup list, Simply tap the backup that you want to restore. Please note that restoring a backup will replace the data you have currently. 

If you have made a backup to the cloud from another device,  you can choose to restore it, making the devices have the same data. This does not work as a proper sync, but can be used as a manual simple synchronization.


Deleting a backup

In the backup list, Simply tap the trashcan icon on the backup that you want to delete.