This screen consists of three major parts.

First It’s the Actionbar with navigation buttons to the history and summary views, and at the end, the overflow menu.
Clicking on the History or Summary button will open up that view, and you can easily get back to the dashboard via the back or up button.
From the overflow menu you can access the Settings and Extensions page (these are explained separately)


Second, we have the quick overview with this weeks data.

The graph that shows the work-hours compared to the workdays work hours. The light blue is the expected work-time that will be filled up with the darker blue color till you have as much worked as expected. After that it will show a small gap in the bar and continue over that gap showing overtime work.
To the right of the graph we have the summary of today and this weeks, and if enabled, the running compensation time (the +/- hours compared to the expected work-time since last reset of this time)

And last is the list of projects that you can start and stop. together with the projects total for today and if anything is running, the time since the last start.
this list will only show the projects you have been using the last few weeks, but if any project is hidden you will get a “Show more” button at the end of the list for easy access to the hidden projects.

To start and stop a project, just tap on the corresponding project card. You don’t need to stop a project before switching to another one, just click on the project that you want to switch to and the former project will be stopped automatically.

If you forgot to start a project at a specific time you can use the function “Start At” which you can reach either via the overflow menu on the project card, or via long press on it. A dialog will show up from where you can set the start-time, but only past time. Jiffy does not support future time tracking.
Same works for the function “Stop At” which you can use when you forgot to stop a project when it should have been stopped.

The list also have takes case of the Add project and edit project functions. Add Project is the placed last in the project list (of you can’t see it you probably have hidden projects and need to press on the “Show More” button first)


The edit and add project dialog.


When you press the add project button, you will get this dialog.

Here you fill out the Customer and Project names. You cant create a new project with the same customer and project name as an existing one.
the color can be changed, but it will give you an unused or the least used color to start with.

Both the customer and project name will try to help you as much as possible. The customer name will autocomplete against previous created customer names and against the company field for contacts in your address book. The project names will only autocomplete against previously created project names.