In this view you will find all your previously tracked times in a easy to use calendar view.

To edit a time, just tap on the time-block and an editor for that time will appear.

To add a new time-block (in case you forgot an earlier time or break) you can tap on an empty area, a plus sign will show up, and just tap that plus sign and an editor for new times will appear.

If you need to split an old time to insert another project or a break, long-press on the time-block and hour you want to change and you will get the insert time editor again. In the list of projects you can either select another project or “insert a break”.

To change the week you can choose between swiping left and right, or tap on the date in the top left corner and select another week.

Sometimes the time-blocks are a bit to small to tap on. If that is the case, tap on the small header over a specific day, and you will get the agenda for that day.
In the agenda view you can also change the number of expected work hours for that day. Perfect for bank-holidays.