Take control of your work time.

Jiffy is a time tracker designed for streamlined work time tracking, allowing you to spend a minimum amount of time, but at the same time generate an accurate time report.

Jiffy’s beauty is in its simplicity, it’s like having a stopwatch on your phone or tablet for all the jobs that you need to track.

Why Jiffy?

  • Supports Offline use - Stores your data on your device with export functionality.
  • No account required -  Just download it and start right away
  • Ad-free - Jiffy is a freemium app learn more about our extensions
  • Battery friendly - Optimized for usage on mobile devices, Jiffy won’t drain your battery!
  • Streamlined workflows - help’s you when you have forgotten to time track.

“Jiffy does a great job of making it easy to plan out your days and weeks in a way that couldn’t be easier to keep track of.”

Businessinsider.com - The 12 Best-Looking Apps On Android

“The app’s UI couldn’t suit its purpose better: a simplified app to try and break down a complicated life.”

Gizmodo.com - Jiffy for Android: Always Know Exactly Where the Time Went

“Your time is valuable, so don’t waste it. This app tracks how long you spend on certain tasks and displays it in a clean, pie-chart stylee.”

T3.com - Best Android Apps 2013

“With Jiffy it's easy for us to keep track on how long it takes to write, publish and proof-read reviews on our websites. We use it on a daily basis and are very impressed with the app.”

UKCasino.xyz - Guide to casinos not on Gamstop

“This app has got full coverage when it comes to time tracking, and is very intuitive and easy to use. We use it to maximize efficiency in our product testing process.”

Testarna.se - Sweden's leading consumer guide

“We've used Jiffy at Gamble for a long time. It's a great tool to keep track on how much time we spend on developing specific sections of our gambling portal.”

Gamble.xyz - The UK's leading gambling guide

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