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Jiffy 1.3 gets a widget for the Home- and Lock screen.

Finally with version 1.3 Jiffy started supporting widgets. The first widget - the project list widget-  allows you to see your daily summary and active projects. It comes in three different styles. The style can be selected when the widget is being placed on the Home screen. The Lock screen widget [...]

Jiffy gets Tasks & Improved summary

To make more low level time tracking possible we have added Tasks to Jiffy.  They can be added to a project under Edit project. Tasks are completely optional, so if you don't need them, don't use them, and Jiffy will work just as you are used to. We have also [...]

Select range for Summary

In the Summary, you can view your logged time per Day,  Week or Month. To change the range you just click on the date up in the top right corner. (Left image below) This triggers the Select range dialog, in the image to the right below.  Here you can select [...]

Known Issues

This list covers all the known issues of the current version (1.4.0) of Jiffy . If you find something else, please help us by letting us know. If you have more than one Google account on your device, purchased extension might be lost. This is a bug in Google [...]

A little recap

It has now been a full month since we launched version 1.0 of Jiffy. The time since then has been really exciting and fun. We have been reviewed by a number of blogs (listed below). These reviews mean the world to us, and we would like to thank them all! [...]

Jiffy 1.0 - Available now

We are super excited to bring you Jiffy 1.0. An app that brings simple, yet sophisticated time tracking to your Android 4.0+ device . Jiffy is available as a free download on Google Play store, and is designed for phones as well as tablets. Since we do time tracking each day, we [...]

Jiffy & Permissions

This section shines some light on why Jiffy needs so many permissions, even though it is 'just' a time tracker. With jiffy, we want to take time tracking to the next level. We want it to be able to support and help you, using information that is already available on [...]

The hourly balance calculation

The hourly balance status is actually two different ones. One is the continuous calculation (this is from a data and balance of your choice) and the other is the one showing up on the summary page, that only calculates the hourly balance for that period. The one on the summary page is [...]

Start and Stop Time Tracking

The simplest way to start and stop a time is to tap on the corresponding project card on the dashboard. If the project isn't running just tap the card and it will start running, and stopping the previous (if any) running project. To stop a project, just tap on the running project [...]

Insert break

If you forgot to stop your time, for example over lunch, go to the history-view and long-press on the day and hour where you want to insert the break. A normal create time dialog should now be shown. Edit the start and stop time to match the break length and [...]