JiffyTags - Keyfobs

JiffyTags - Keyfobs


Shiny, gorgeous keyfobs. Color stickers are part of our unique NFC key fob approach. To keep track of which keyfob starts what, simply stick the color of your project onto the keyfob.


  • 3x NFC Keyfobs
  • 9x Color Stickers

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Product Description

Waterproof high quality NFC keyfobs with NTAG203 chip.

An elastic band is included with each keyfob, making it easy to hang it on your keychain

Including 9 color labels that can be used to color-code your JiffyTags with your projects color.

Can be used with all Android devices that support NFC.

Please note :

  • To use more than 3 JiffyTags with Jiffy you need to purchase the “Unlimited NFC” extension.

Additional Information


Double sided epoxy


28mm x 32mm x 3mm



NFC Chip