Getting Started

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History View

In this view you will find all your previously tracked times in a easy to use calendar view. To edit a time, just tap on the time-block and an editor for that time will appear. To add a new time-block (in case you forgot an earlier time or break) you can tap [...]

The Dashboard

This screen consists of three major parts. First It's the Actionbar with navigation buttons to the history and summary views, and at the end, the overflow menu. Clicking on the History or Summary button will open up that view, and you can easily get back to the dashboard via the [...]

Summary View

The summary view will show you the day/week or month summary per project or per company. To change the range, just click on the date up in the top left corner and a dialog pops up, there you can set both the range and the date. To switch between project [...]

The Basics

Jiffy consist of 3 main screens. These screens will help you track and manage your tracked time and also give you a summary at the end of the week or month. To keep it simple, the screens takes care of different tasks. The dashboard is the main screen, and you [...]